LEAD is a national program based on new harm-reduction and trauma-informed processes that provides low-level offenders with unmet behavioral health needs collective support, intensive case management and collaborative resources while diverting them away from the criminal justice system.​

Supporting Data​

Reducing Recidivism

System Cost Savings

Other Successes

​​Goals ​and Core Principles ​of LEAD

  1. REORIENT government's response to safety, disorder and health-related problems

  2. IMPROVE public safety and public health through research based, health-oriented and harm reduction interviews

  3. REDUCE the number of people entering the criminal justice system for low-level offenses related to drug use, mental health, sex work and extreme poverty​

  4. UNDO racial disparities at the front end of the criminal justice system

  5. SUSTAIN funding for alternative interventions by capturing and reinvesting justice systems

  6. STR​​ENGTHEN the relationship between law enforcement and the community

If you have any questions about ​ LEA​D​ please contact them at:
Phone: 206.392.0050 x 732


110 Prefontaine Place S, Suite 502
Seattle, WA 98104