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​This one-year program helps educate certain prostitution- or solicitation-related offenders to understand the risks and consequences of committing these acts, and to remove occurrences of these offenses from the neighborhoods in which they occur.

Application process

The state's attorney will make an offer to qualifying first-time offenders on the first court date. At the first court date the case manager explains the screening process.

An applicant is ineligible if:

  • Has prior conviction or supervision for prostitution or solicitation-related offenses
  • Has prior felony convictions
  • Has certain prior drug-related misdemeanor convictions
  • Is active gang member
  • Previously participated in this program or other prostitution/solicitation-related diversion program

Program requirements

Offender must enter into a formal agreement with the state's attorney, in which he or she admits to the offense charged. Solicitors must pay a fee of $425, which includes $25 DTA fee, $200 program fee and $200 HIV/STD testing fee, and perform community service. The fee must be paid no later than 30 days after the agreement is signed. Prostitutes must pay a $25 DTA fee, undergo HIV/STD testing and complete en educational program about the dangers of prostitution. If the offender is denied into the program, there is no appeal of the decision.

Completion or termination

Upon successful completion of all requirements, the case will be dismissed at the final court date. If terms are not followed or if a new offense is committed, the offender is terminated from the program and the case is returned to court for prosecution.